How to set up and use a recovery email address For Gmail

Setup a recovery email address, use recovery email to secure your Gmail account. You can use this secondary email to sign in Gmail, Reset password and perform many other tasks. The establishment of alternative and recovery email is one of the security settings that you can not ignore to keep your Gmail account secure. In order to make the change first, you need to create Gmail account (or) Gmail Sign UP. After creating Gmail account you need to login into Gmail Login (or) Gmail Sign In.

Note: You can quickly access to Step 6 by using the following link: And log in, but you are encouraged to follow the instructions step by step to remember them easily.

How to use a recovery email address For Gmail

Step 1: Login your Gmail account.
Step 2: At the Gmail window, click on your avatar (at the top of the right corner) and then click My Account.
Step 3: In tab "Personal info privacy", click on the line "Your personal info".

Personal info privacy of Gmail
Step 4: Click on the "Right arrow" button in the Email box.
Step 5: Click "Edit" in Other Emails.
Step 6: Enter the email you want to use as replacement and recovery email to your Gmail account in the "Add a new alternative address" and then click Save.

Note: You can use alternate email addresses to sign in to your Google Account, recover your password, and more. Alternate email addresses can only be associated with one Google Account at a time. If only want to use recovery email, you click on Click here link like the image below:

Step 7: If you click on the link setup interface will switch to recovery email settings instead of the alternate address. You fill in email recovery then click Save.
Step 8: Notification of successfully added recovery email appears, but you still need to confirm this email.
Step 9: Now, log in the alternative email or recovery email entered on step 6 and you will see a new mail sent by Google to confirm.
Step 10: Open this mail, click "this" in the letter to confirm.
Step 11: The notification of successfully confirmed alternative and recovery email appears.

Note: For some reasons, you forget the password of your Gmail account. See how to recover it here: How to recover Gmail password in the fastest way.
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