Java Number pattern 4 program using For loop

Write "Java"  program to print below Number Pattern 4:

To understand this example, you should have knowledge of the following topics:
·   Java programming operators.

Java Number pattern 4 program using For loop:
class numberPattern4
public static void main(String[] args) 
 int i, j;
 for(i =1;i<=5;i++)

  • First two integers "i" and "j" are declared of type int.
  • Then in the First for loop “i” value is initialized with a value 1.
  • Now “i” value is checked with the condition i <= 5 that is (1<>= 5). So the condition is True.
  • Now the loop enters into second for loop and checks the condition j >= i.
  • So the value of j=5 is greater than “1” where (j =5) the condition is true. So it's print the value of “J”. And the value of “j” decrements after printing value. It prints the value of J up to “j = 1” when becomes 0 it comes out the loop and increment value i = 2 and the same process repeats.
  • Last where “i” value becomes “6” the first for loop condition becomes false and the program terminates.

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