TikTok Account Password change in detail here.

TikTok login Account Password Change:

In order to login first, you need to create Tiktok Account (or) Tiktok Sign UP. Then after creating Tiktok Account login into TikTok Login.
To change the password and new password details are below:
  • Open Tik Tok application (or) App on your phone and tap the 'Profile' symbol which is on the base right corner of your phone. 
  • Now click on the login button and you will be on the Login Page. You will see 'Get help marking in' and click there. Pick whether you need to reset your Tik Tok Account with an Email ID or Phone Number. 

  • In the event that you have pick Email and type the Email Address that you use for your Tik Tok Account to get the check to connect OR on the off chance that you pick Phone Number alternative, at that point enter your unlisted telephone number with your nation code. 
  • Browse your Email ID for a message from Tik Tok and you'll get the Change Password Link or you will get six digits to check on your telephone and enter the confirmation code and snap on the Continue Button. 
  • Tap the Change Password Button in green shading and you will be diverted to New Password Page on your cell phone program or after you check the code on the telephone then you will most likely set the new password. 
  • Set the New Password and Go back to the Tik Tok App and sign in to your TikTok Account with your New Password.
  • For password, change see link here: http://support.tiktok.com/knowledge-base/change-password.


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